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Company update, 04/08/2014

The monthly partnership contribution of Maxima to Leave No Trace Australia has been received and is gratefully acknowledged.

Summary of recent activities:

  • Undertaken consultations in the Fitzroy River valley with additional assistance from Kimberley Diamond Company. There is strong interest in developing a program to support both a Junior Ranger program and tourism and recreation impact management across the central Kimberley to fulfill a number of working on country plans and strengthening culture aspirations (see Wilinggin Management Plan attached).
  • Yawuru TEK, Language and LNT national curriculum Workshop 24&25 July. Hosted by Mabu Yawuru Ngan-ga Yawuru Language Centre Coordinator Clare Maclean and Nyamba Buru Yawuru Land and Sea Management Unit Project Manager Sarah Yu, with a number of experienced language teachers from Yawuru and Irene Davey from Bardi Jawi. Objective is to develop a curriculum framework to support the Junior Ranger program by learning 'on country, & two ways'. Funded by Woodside, the workshop outcome is to develop a proposal for multi year funding from Woodside Development Fund.
  • IUCN World Parks Congress Confirmed presentation invitation. Will focus on
    • culture,
    • biodiversity, and
    • opportunities to communicate natural and cultural values through Leave No Trace program using new technologies (eg Pilbara Welcome Roadside Stops project wifi enabled signage)
  • Pilbara Regional Council Partnership and opportunities with UWA China project Reciprocal workshop to be held in Baoshan, Yunan Province in late November 2014.
    See Prof Gary Sigley's blog at:
    Program will be out by 19th August.

    Partnership established with World Expeditions:
  • South West Roadside Stops Project - LNTA, Dieback Working Group (DWG) and Gabby Kylie Foundation. Support to develop project secured from DWG and Gabby Kylie Foundation.

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