Maxima: The Opportunity Group

maxima aquaculture

Maxima has been involved in a diverse range of aquaculture projects, from the cultivation of South Sea pearls to fin fish farming.

Key Maxima staff have held senior positions on some of the most exciting aquaculture projects in the state, further cementing our position as one of Australia's top companies for identifying aquaculture opportunities.

the aarli mayi aquaculture project

The Aarli Mayi Project is enabling the vision of the Kimberley Saltwater Country people – the Dambimangari, Mayala and Bardi Jawi Traditional custodians of the land and saltwater on whose country the Kimberley Aquaculture Development Zone (KADZ) and service industries will be situated.

For more information on this exciting new project, please click here to go to the project website.

growing promise into achievement

At the height of the Western Australian pearling boom, Maxima was the country's third largest South Sea pearl producer.

We also have extensive experience in fish farming and still hold key marine assets that allow us to benefit from aquaculture opportunities.